Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, Sophie came home from school and told Logan that there was a girl in her class that she wanted to make friends with. Logan suggested that we have a tea party and invite her over. Sophie thought that was a great idea. We put it on the calendar and she began the planning! She thought of everything ... invitations, pink lemonade for the tea, lots of yummy candy {specifically laffy taffy!}, bagels with strawberry cream cheese, and of course decorations! Unfortunately that little girl didn't come, but it was still a fun little party with great friends!!

the girls had a great time reading the jokes on the laffy taffy wrappers and then making up their own!

even Ruby and some stuffed friends got to participate!

And because Sophie got to have a party with her friends, Collin wanted to have one too! He decided on a racing party {his true love right now!} He said he wanted a starting line and then later changed his mind and said he wanted a starting gate instead! Silly boy! His party although thrown together last minute was so fun! Logan {who is completely awesome by the way ... but that really could be a whole post of its own} put together a race track in the church parking lot and the boys raced around and played other games. They made number plates for their bikes and chugged down some gatorade. Collin was in heaven!

the cute boys lined up at the starting line

On your mark,
Get set,

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