Thursday, October 13, 2011

embrace the camera: october 13

This sweet boy has been a challenge for me lately.
I would love to say that it is because both he and I are adjusting to life with a new baby,
but it's not.
He has a temper.
And teaching him to express himself in developmentally appropriate ways is hard.
More often than not we don't see eye to eye.
And there is a lot of screaming and stomping among other things going on around our house lately.
But I LOVE him like crazy!
And there are those moments when we have the best time together.
Moments where we both laugh
and smile
and are silly!
Yesterday was one of those moments.
We colored with sidewalk chalk {pumpkins + ghosts + bats + witches + skeletons}

and we played
and took pictures

and made silly, scary, spooky faces!

It was great!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics.! I need to take more "silly" ones with my little one.

Ruth said...

This is such a sweet post and your photos are wonderful...I'm so glad that I checked them out!

Anonymous said...

I randomly came across your blog through a friends and just wanted to say your pictures are beautiful! Do you mind sharing with me what type of Camera you use?

emily anderson said...

great photos! i agree with "anonymous"...your photos are beautiful!

Jenn said...

@ "anonymous" thank you. I use a Canon Rebel XS.