Sunday, October 30, 2011


Logan and I + our little stow away hopped upon a plane and headed to California!

Logan's cousin was getting married and we couldn't pass up the opportunity! I had been looking forward to it for months and even purchased myself a new dress for the occasion!

Our first day there we met up with Logan's family and spent the afternoon at the beach!

logan's family

The next day Logan and I took it easy. We hung out at the hotel and relaxed ... it was sooOOo nice!

we stayed at a fancy hotel that had beautiful grounds.

we took a break from our relaxing to enjoy the sunshine and have some lunch.

i ordered chicken and waffles! logan thought it was too funny and just had to take a picture of my "State Fair Sandwich" {grin} it may have looked silly, but it was yummy!

After relaxing all day it was time to head off to the wedding welcoming party ... a game of kickball at the Rose Bowl Stadium. SO FUN!

logan took a time out to feed the baby!

lyla was such a trooper! she just tagged along the whole weekend and rarely ever fussed unless we were in the car {which she HATES!}

The next day we did some shopping and then we were off to the wedding. It was an incredible evening. Such a beautiful wedding . Unfortunately I didn't take too many pictures. This was Lyla's fussiest evening and I spent most of the time trying to keep her from fussing. It was my biggest fear that she would start screaming during the ceremony! But we made it through and enjoyed the evening. There was yummy food, beautiful flowers, groovy music, and dancing! It was a lot of fun!

the theme throughout the wedding was pomegranates ... i thought this was such a fun way to give out the seating assignments

The next day we headed home bright and early to our kiddos! It was so nice to have a get away with just logan but we really missed them. Thanks mom for taking such good care of them and showing them a great time!

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