Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A blessing

On Sunday, October 8th Lyla Kate was given a name and a blessing. It was an amazing day to say the least.

Some highlights of the blessing:

lyla being blessed with curiosity and a love for learning
that she would gain her own testimony and a love for the word of God
that she would be blessed with healthy body
that she would one day attend the temple with her chosen mate
her sweet baby cries through the microphone
a peaceful sleeping baby throughout the rest of the meeting
being surrounded by loving + supportive family and friends

daddy and his baby girl

After the blessing we came back to our house for some breakfast.
We had bagels + muffins
make your own yogurt parfaits with the yummiest granola
cinnamon rolls
sausage and egg breakfast casserole +
chocolate milk and orange juice.

It was all delicious!

grandma "sheep" and lyla :: grandma "polar bear" and lyla

daddy, mommy,and baby girl

mommy and her little lady

beautiful girl ... this is the same dress that both sophie and ruby were blessed in

We are so grateful for Lyla and her sweet spirit that she has brought into our home.


Ani Grey said...

Amazing photos! I think that is my favorite picture of Mom!

Faith said...

LOVE the last one :)