Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rapunzel Party!!!

Shortly after Lyla was born I threw Sophie a Rapunzel party. It was sort of put together last minute ... totally not my style ... but honestly one of the funnest parties we have had at our house.

a party isn't complete without decorations!

i LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. these shot of her

we played "hit flynn with the frying pan!"
check out the happiness!

we opened presents!

we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate some yummy cake

we played "musical spots" {the losers danced in the middle}

which led to an impromptu dance party ...

that turned out to be the biggest hit of all!

The party was a success and I LOVED seeing Sophie smiling and having a great time with her cute friends. I can't believe she is seven. She is getting too big! Happy Birthday Sopher Bug!

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