Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lyla, Month I

To My Lyla:

This past month has been the fastest and slowest month ever! You are now six weeks old and I am just sitting down to write to you about your first month of life. Things have been pretty crazy around here lately and it seems that I can hardly find a moment of free time. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I am cherishing every moment that I get to be your mom ... even those middle of the night feedings!

Your first month was filled with ups and downs. Adjusting to life outside of the womb has not been the easiest for you and you have let us know with a great deal of fussiness. I always say that babies should come with an instruction manual and you are no exception. But we are getting things sorted out, and despite the fussiness you are the sweetest baby girl.

I feel so lucky to have you in our family. I can't get enough of your cuddles. I find myself holding you long after you are asleep just to get in some extra baby snuggle time. I am enjoying the newborn you because I know that you are growing before my eyes and soon you won't want to cuddle your mama any longer. Your brother and sisters love you so much and are constantly asking to hold you. They look after your needs and always let me know when you are crying. Your Daddy loves you too and seems to have the magical touch that can put you to sleep when no one else can.

You are the pretty standard newborn. When you aren't crying, you are eating, sleeping, or pooping! You hate the car and scream whenever we go anywhere! This makes it hard because as the 4th child of the family you will spend a great deal of time running your older sisters and brother around. Hopefully you will adjust!

You are becoming quite the sleeper. Several nights you have slept through the night. But it hasn't always been so great! There were a couple of really rough nights. Now that you have learned to love your swing things are going much more smoothly ... and mommy is getting some more rest!

We love you baby girl! Happy one month!
Your Momma

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