Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Golden Spike

Last weekend, in an attempt to do something fun with the family {Sophie was away with her Grandma for an early birthday celebration} Logan decided that we would take a trip to the Golden Spike. I was hesitant. I had been before but wan't all that impressed ... but he was right. We were down one child and the two that were left are quite the troopers so I thought "Why not?!?!"

After quite the drive {made longer by missing a turn!} we finally arrived just in time to see the steam demonstrations. The trains are amazing. And loud. The kids loved them. As did Logan. I thought they were neat too.

Following the demonstration there was a reenactment of the last spike ceremony which took place on May 10, 1869. There was a few minutes before the reenactment was to start, so Logan got up to get the sun screen from the stroller when he was asked to be a part of the reenactment. He did a fabulous job and was asked to come back every week. The kids thought it was super neat to see their Dad in the "play." Well, Collin did. Ruby was much more interested in her "rock garden" that she was creating.

After the reenactment the entire cast lined up for pictures. Audience members could come get their pictures taken with the cast if they wanted too. Logan called Collin up and one of the men let him hold the silver spike. Collin thought that was so neat.

And then Logan let him try on his costume ...

After we had done all there was at the museum we took a self guided auto tour on our way back home. It was super neat as well ... and Collin's favorite part apparently! It was a fun day. Collin keeps asking when we can go back! I'd say that means it was a successful adventure.

Oh, and upon hearing about our outing, Sophie said she was glad she wan't there! Silly girl!

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