Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Sophie

Dear Sophie,

Today you turned 7 years old. I can hardly believe that it was seven years ago that I became a mom. The day of your birth was such a special day for your daddy and I. We marveled at what a wonderful gift you were to us and just how beautiful you were. Today we still marvel at the precious gift you are to our family and what a beautiful girl have become.

Sophie you have such enthusiasm for life. You are optimistic, and energetic about most all things. You love learning and have become such a great reader. You are always amazing us with your questions, and the little facts that you learn here and there.

You love all things soft and cuddly. I have never know anyone who loves stuffed animals as much as you do. You have soOOOooo many of them ... and yet it isn't enough. Everywhere we go you find another one that you just have. to. have! Along with your stuffed animals you still love your blankie and cuddle up with it every night.

You have become quite the big sister this year. You and Collin are still the best of friends. The two of you always have a good time together. You have also become good friends with Ruby too. I can often times find you playing Barbies, babies, or princesses with her ... and you are always so good to help her out in any way that you can. You just got a new baby sister last week and I am amazed at the love that you have for her already. You think she is so cute and often ask to hold her and you hate to see her sad and always let us know when she needs something!

You just started ballet class and can often be found spinning and dancing through out our house. You brighten any room that you are in with your smile, your contagious laugh, and your silly, fun personality. Sophie we love you so very much. We are so blessed to have you as a part of our family. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You deserve it!

Love you,

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