Friday, June 3, 2011

For Sophie

You woke up today so excited that it was your last day of school,
yet so sad that you would be leaving your teacher.
It was a bittersweet day for sure.

You had a wonderful 1st grade year.
You learned so much
and grew up more than I could have imagined.
You said that your favorite part of 1st grade was your teacher.
Daddy asked you what you liked most about her, and you said ... "She likes fluffy things just like me!"
Your teacher loved bears ... and you loved that about her.
She was a perfect match for you!!

You became an excellent reader this year.
Your favorite author is Daisy Meadows ... you can't read enough about those silly fairies!
You often surprise your Daddy and I when you ask if you can stay up and read in your bed at night.

We came to your classroom today.
You were so excited to show us a movie of your 1st grade year
and the scrapbook that YOU had put together all on your own.
I LOVED looking through all of your treasured work.

I am so proud of you.
What a big accomplishment!
Yeah for finishing 1st grade and moving on to 2nd!
but for now HOORAY for Summer!

Love you!

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