Saturday, May 28, 2011

For Collin

This week you had a very big day!
You graduated from pre-school.

You have been practicing and preparing for this day for weeks.
And you were ready!
You brought me your part and asked if we could practice it ... and by the end of the evening you knew it. I remember you telling me you practiced that night in your bed.
I laughed when you told me a few days before "Teacher says there is only one rule, NO picking your nose!"

You were so sweet as you sat in your seat, sang your songs, and spoke your part in the microphone.
I was so proud of you.
I couldn't help but smile as you helped keep the rowdy boys next to you quiet,
or as you sang the loudest in the group.

You are so special buddy and I am so pleased with what you have accomplished.
My heart almost burst with happiness as I saw photos of you playing with friends
and loving your school experience.
I know this year wasn't always easy for you.
But you were brave and overcame your fears. And through it all you grew ... and we grew too.

Your teachers made you a book and a graduation hat.
You were so proud and wore your hat almost the entire day.
Of course Mom forgot her camera ... but you agreed to let me take some pictures at home!

I am so proud of you Collin.
I am excited for you to start Kindergarten next year. You will love it!
I love you.

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