Saturday, April 9, 2011

No More ...

... Binky Baby!!

In preparation for the new baby Ruby needed to lose the binky. I have been dreading this. I think it may be the worst part of parenting. Taking away something that your child is so attached to is awful. Looking back it hasn't been all that bad. Only nap time has been a little rough. She refuses to nap unless I lay by her until she falls asleep ... which is a shame because she was taking 3 to 4 hour naps everyday.

To give up her binky I took Ruby to build a bear. She was so excited to choose out her very own "care bear" as she calls them. She chose her bear ... had it stuffed ... and was ready to pay! No need for clothes. As I payed for the bear I had her give the cashier her binky in return for the bear. She willing gave it up. I was so proud. However she is so smart. She knew there were more at home. As we were walking back to the car she said, "My B is gone. I need get nother one at home!" Little did she know I had thrown the other ones out before we left.

Now that the binky is gone Ruby talks and talks and talks. Especially in the car. I didn't realize how much it was keeping her from expressing herself. The other day I heard Collin say to her "I don't want to talk to you anymore!" She is talking our ears off. I love it!

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