Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Bump :: 20 Weeks

weight gain so far: 19 lbs YIKES!

I am always hungry {could explain the 19 lbs!}

I crave sweets ... and pickles ... not together!

I am feeling great ... for the most part
{I still get tired easily and have some little pains here and there ... so far no intense pelvic pain like when I was pregnant with Ruby}

I have felt the baby move only a tiny bit
{I was starting to get concerned about this but learned at my ultrasound that my placenta in located in the front so I won't feel her little kicks nearly as much because of the placenta's thickness.}

I am feeling overwhelmed with all the preparations ... painting rooms, buying bunk beds, switching Ruby to a big girl bed, getting a new car seat ... the list could go on!

Studying up on hypnobirthing ... so excited for my first class!

My measurements at my ultra sound put my due date back 5 days later than what was originally calculated ... August 23rd instead of Aug 18th
{Starting to worry about not being home for the first day of school ... who will take pictures?!?! ... and send Collin off the Kindergarten?}

Ultra sound pics ...
{I was actually disappointed with the pics that we got. No super cute profiles ... oh well!}

And the gender reveal shot! Logan asked the tech not to tell us the sex but to let us guess based on the shot. Our little princess was being super wiggly the entire ultrasound until it was time to determine the sex. Then she decided to be a little shy. But when we got the shot, both Logan and I knew right away that it was a girl!

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Jess said...

I am so happy for you! A Girl!!! It's funny how we've followed each other. Our poor boys! I think Ty has finally adjusted to the idea. Oh and I finally found the bedding at Target. It's on sale this week!