Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When having sick kids is not all bad

We have been sick. Well, the kids have been. And just when they all get better ... and things get back to normal ... someone else gets sick.

This time around it is Collin. I am sure everyone else will soon follow. Although I hope not. I have been to the doctors 4 times in 2 weeks. And filled 4 prescriptions.

I have resorted to writing a medicine schedule down for each kid ... so as not to forget when the last dose was give and to whom it was given to. And the kids hate taking medicine. With the exception of Ruby. She calls hers "princess medicine" because it is pink and tastes so yummy. She would take it all day if I let her.

Because we are sick ... and spend our day following a medicine schedule so to speak, we have been spending all of our time at home. Expect for Sophie. She still goes to school and gets to enjoy the freedom of leaving the house!

We have watched a lot of TV ... and movies. On Saturday feeling like if I had to hear the theme song to Wonder Pets one more time I might scream I decided to come up with something for us all to do.

Play dough! Or Model Magic if you want to get technical. We just call it play dough. It was genius really. At first I only had the attention of the younger two ... but upon seeing what great things could be created, Sophie soon was enjoying herself as well.

We were kept busy for at least an hour. And I put off getting dinner ready and played right along with them. It was perfect. It is times like this when I wonder if having sick kids is really all that bad.

Until I get woken up 476 times that night ... then I long for my kids to be healthy again!

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