Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun

It snowed today. For the second time this week. Ugh! I am ready for Spring. For the sunshine ... the warmth ... and the time spent outside. I guess the good part about snow this time of year is that it doesn't last long. Along with the snow Logan has been out of town. For 4 days so far ... 1 more to go. Those things along with early out from school today left me feeling like we needed a break. A break from the house. So what could we do on a snowy afternoon ... go to the pet store of course. My kids LOVE the pet store. They pet the dogs, squawk at the birds, play with the pet toys, and marvel at the fish and coral.

The pet store was followed up with a visit to McDonald's. The kids were thrilled. It was a fun Friday afternoon. Too bad Dad wasn't here to enjoy it with us.

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