Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's no secret that I love photography.
Taking pictures.
Capturing the things around me
especially my kids ...
their accomplishments, their cuteness, and their day to day lives.
For me it is a way to save those moments that will soon be forgotten or go unnoticed.

But there are days...
days I am too busy to pick up my camera.
Too busy living life ...
running here or there or cleaning this and that;
and before I know it those days are over.
But on those days
even when I am busy ... wonderful moments happen.
It is then that Logan and I lay in bed laughing, and capture the days images in our minds.
Images of ...

a morning where the kids are happily playing together

Collin and Sophie hula hooping ... especially Collin. that boy has the best body shake!

Sophie and Collin dribbling basketballs ... Collin with such an intense face

the kids begging for ice cream and Logan teasing them about getting some vegetables instead

the kids begging for easter baskets at each and every store we stopped at

Sophie's sour face after taking a bite of her ice cream

Sophie exclaiming "Oh Lucky Day!" when she found out we were eating dinner out

Collin shouting "this is my favorite cheese store" when we pulled into Cutler's parking lot

Ruby's face of fear followed by excitement and laughter as Logan drove silly and swervy in the mall parking lot

Sophie proclaiming "it's not safe to drive like that on the freeway!"

Collin tipping over in his seat several times during FHE and every time Ruby singing "teamwork!"

Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes ... as slow and as fast as we can

Listening to Ruby talk to her babies as she plays in her room

Listening to Sophie read her fairy books as she lay in bed with Logan

Collin telling Logan that he had to stop blocking him while playing Connect 4

I may not have an actual picture ... but I have helped save these moments by writing about them!

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