Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today ...

... I discovered my love for tomato juice {soOoo yummy}
... I had dinner made before I even ate lunch {soup in the crock pot!}

... It was a beautiful sunny day ... but so so so cold {14 degrees}
... Collin came out of school so proud that he could make an "L" with his hands
... Sophie came out of school reading her book {she read the whole way home and after we got home!}

... I took a nap on the couch
... Logan went back to flying {how will I ever survive?}

... Ruby learned how to work Netflix all by herself {thats right people, she's two!}
... Sophie talked us all into doing a craft for Groundhogs Day {it's tomorrow!}

... I actually got out my camera and took some pictures {grin!}
... I read my book
... I listened to my children play together
... I listened to my children fight with each other
... I washed 3 heads of hair
... I listened to my husband read stories to the kids
... I ate milk and cookies!

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