Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review {Picture Style}

I wanted to post my very favorite photos from 2010, but looking back I realized that I have so many that I LOVE. So many that bring back such great memories. So many that make me smile. So many that I had such a hard time narrowing them down. I started out trying to pick one from each month. Ha! It was impossible for me to pick just one. So here they are ... and I did try to narrow them down. But there are still a a lot and I don't care! I love them all!

we started out the year with ruby learning to walk

the kids were sick various times through out the year but we enjoyed the time spent at home together

we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday and many other fun holidays this year ... we even had a leprechaun visit our house!

the kids spent a lot of time playing in mom and dads room ... they LOVE jumping on the bed!

we enjoyed this beautiful word that we live in

we celebrated father's day ... and mothers day too!

the kids loved to stop for shaved ice ... and asked almost every day ... so yummy!

we enjoyed the summer weather and played in the water

ruby had her first haircut

collin turned 4 and started another year of preschool

we went to parades and watched the horses

we went sailing and played in the water at bear lake

sophie turned 6 and started 1st grade

we spent many, many evenings outside playing with chalk, riding scooters, and bikes {the kids learned how to ride 2 wheelers}

we went to both the county and state fair

we celebrated Halloween in style and enjoyed running through a nearby apple orchard

snow came early this year ... the kids loved it {but we did not have a white Christmas!}

mom took silly pictures of the kids

sophie won 2 awards for her reflections entry

ruby turned 2 ... and became her independent self

we celebrated the holidays with family parties, school programs, and a visit from Santa and his reindeer!

What a great year 2010 was!
I hope 2011 brings as much happiness and memories. We are so blessed.
Happy New Year!

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Jess said...

Such cute pics! And there were not too many. That's impossible :) My fav is the one with him holding the orange slices in front of his eyes. Too cute.