Monday, December 6, 2010


A month or so ago Sophie wrote Santa a letter. It included a picture of a bengal tiger {her biggest want for Christmas this year!} and the words I want a bengal tiger. She put it in an envelope and wrote TO SANTA on the front. She ran it out to the mailbox ... without a stamp. Much like she does every letter that she writes on a weekly basis. {we need to work on the concepts of addresses and stamps!} We all forgot about it. Until last Friday when Logan brought in the mail. There was a letter addressed to The Children of our home. It's return address was Santa Clause of The North Pole. The kids were thrilled. We read the letter and quickly found out that it was a response to Sophie's letter she had written.

the letter
she quickly pointed out that santa drew the bengal tiger just like she did!

sophie with her letter!

How fun is that ?!?! It truly is a magical time of year! We believe!

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