Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Today you are 2. I can hardly believe how fast you have grown. You are changing every day and becoming a sweet and sassy little toddler. Everyday you make us smile. Lets take a look at what you are like at 2 years old.

i love these pictures of ruby because they show her personality so well at this age. i see her looking like this almost everyday. she is such a silly girl!

Right now your biggest obsession is Barney. To say you love him might be putting it lightly. Every second of every day you are asking to watch Barney. It is a good thing your older brother and sister don't mind the giant purple dinosaur too much or we would be in big trouble. You love every episode, but your most favorite is Barney Halloween Party because it sings the song The Itsy Bitsy Spider. You love that song. Just last week I dug a Barney stuffed animal out of a box in the basement {it was a toy Sophie had when she was little} and you love it. You hug it, carry it everywhere, and take it to bed with you.

Ruby you are a girly girl. You love babies. Feeding them bottles, taking them on walks, and putting them "nigh nigh" are your favorite. I can always find one of your baby dolls laying in my laundry basket taking a little nap. You love purses, hats, shoes, and dressing up. I love seeing you walk around the house with all of your accessories. It makes me smile every time.

You are so excited about life. You never walk anywhere ... you gallop. And almost always have the biggest grin on your face. You find joy in the littlest things ... such as your pajamas.

And although you are so sweet and happy, you like to be a little naughty too. Lately you find it fun to color on things that you shouldn't. You have created your masterpieces all over your new dresser and several walls in our house. When we tell you "NO" you laugh and find it almost amusing to sit in time out. You silly stinker.

You are starting to talk more and more ... although you still don't say a lot and nobody can understand you except Collin and me. You call almost all animals by their sounds {ruff for a dog, neigh for a horse, aa-aa for a monkey etc}. You call Collin Col-Col and Sophie Bebe {which she surprisingly doesn't mind!}. I love listening to you talk. You talk {and sing too} in the sweetest voice. My favorite thing is when you say "nigh nigh momma. love u momma." It melts my heart every time.

You are becoming more of a picky eater every day ... and as of late you don't like eating much of anything anymore. Except maybe cookies. You have a sweet tooth just like you momma and brother. You still like to drink your milk laying down in someones arms, just like a baby ... although it is in a sippy cup now. And you still love your binky and lovey. Lately you have taken to carrying around 2 or 3 lovies at a time. It makes it hard for you to accomplish the tasks you are working on and you will often hand them to me to hold.

Speaking of tasks, you are becoming more and more independent. You like to do everything yourself. Climb in the car, close the van door {automatic}, buckle yourself in the highchair, and even put on your own shoes. It drives me crazy when we are in a hurry, but it really is pretty cute. What a big girl you are becoming.

Ruby we love you. You are a special little girl and we feel so blessed to have you in our family. Happy Birthday baby girl! I hope you enjoy your special day.


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Kelsey said...

She is so old! booo... And where did all that hair come from? Perhaps I am a bit hair obsessed since my kid still has hardly any. She's so cute!