Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It snowed. I wish that I was able to capture Collin's excitement when he woke up and saw the snow. I was still much too sleepy ... but his facial expression was priceless. That priceless facial expression was immediately followed by "can I go play in the snow?" I made him wait ... Sophie wasn't even awake yet, but soon I was stuffing and bundling and shoving little hands into mittens. It really is a lot of work getting kids all ready to play outside. A lot of work for a few minutes of enjoyment. But worth it. We all went out. The kids, Logan, and me with my camera. It was a family affair.

It was Ruby's first time to play in the snow. I think she liked it. She thought she was so silly the first time she put her mitten down in it.

Collin wanted to build a snow man. Lucky for him Dad was up to the task.
Collin rolled...

and Logan stacked and patted the perfect shape.

All the while this crazy girl snacked on the freshly fallen white stuff ...

and this silly girl crawled around.

And when that snowman was complete ... Collin knocked it right down! Boys will be boys! What a wonderful time of year ... but why does it have to be so cold?!?!

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