Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Proud Mama Moment

For the past couple of months Sophie has been bringing home papers from school with talk of the Reflections Contest on them. With each paper she got I would set them aside thinking she is too young, she doesn't care about doing this, and therefore I am not going to mention it. Until one day I pick her up from school and she informs me that the reflections entries are due on Monday and she has to get hers done. I quickly tell her we aren't doing the reflections contest this year. And she quickly starts to cry. I think about it for a moment and then tell her that if it is important to her we could participate. When Logan gets home from work that afternoon I ask him to help her with it ... this is definitely something he is better at then me. Sophie and Logan work together planning and preparing and before I know it we have a film in the works. She created a little movie titled "The Bunny Who Knows What To Do!"

We hand it in and forget about it ... until she brings home a paper announcing that she has won first place in her category. First place. We are so proud. And so is she. We wait all week for the awards assembly. Sophie asking everyday if it is Friday. And then it arrives. We watch her with pride as she accepts her certificate and her trophy. Maybe we have a little writer/director/film star in the making!

the awards assembly

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