Saturday, October 9, 2010

time away

Lately I have been feeling like the day to day things are wearing me down. I am tired ... and sometimes overwhelmed. My everyday responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, driving kids to and from school, bathing, reading stories, dealing with tantrums, etc. are all starting to wear on me. I wouldn't change my role by any means, but sometimes I need a break. I have been dreaming of a vacation without kids where I do nothing. I have no plans ... other than rest and relaxation. So when Logan asked me to tag along on a work conference at a very nice hotel, I jumped at the opportunity.

So I tagged along with Logan to a work conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado. It was fabulous. Logan spent all day at meetings and I spent all day doing nothing. Really! It was just what I needed.

Our hotel room was the nicest I have ever stayed in. It was the perfect place for lounging around and doing nothing!

Right outside our window was this beautiful view ... Fall is so pretty there.

And while I did a lot of this ...

I also treated myself to a swedish massage {my first ever!} and I lounged in their luxury waters. Ohh laa la! It was definitely as posh as it sounds.

When I wasn't reading my book {which was soOoo good} or pampering myself at the spa ... I was taking pictures ... it really was so beautiful.

I ate out ... and treated myself to some yummy gelato.

And every evening between 4 and 5 the hotel set out stuff for the guests to make s'mores. How could I pass that up!?!?

I got to to spend the evenings with Logan. We went to the dinners and socials that were put on by Jeppeson {the company who put on the conference}. They were incredible. The food was over the top ... and free! One night they had some birds of prey and a wolf. I got to stand next to the bald eagle. The bird trainer said he was intrigued with my hair ... I was worried he would reach out and grab it ... or my ear!

It was a great trip. Just what I needed. The only thing that would have made it better was if Logan got to join in the rest and relaxation with me! I am grateful I could go with him {thanks mom for so willingly watching my kids}. I totally missed my kids and returned a well rested, better mom.

logan, his boss, and a co-worker :: logan and jenn

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carolina said...

ooh so much fun!! LOVELY pictures:)