Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year ... a little wet ... but everyone had a great time. I find it funny that right now as I sit and write this it is nice outside. My kids are snuggled in their pajamas watching a Halloween movie. But when we were out trick or treating it was a raining ... well pouring actually. The kids were drenched. Our trick or treating was short ... but fun, and the kids still got a stash of candy that they have been eating non stop since we got home.

Halloween is one of my kids favorite holidays. We got our costumes months ago and they have been looking forward to the fun activities we would be doing as Halloween grew closer.

Our awesome neighborhood has a Halloween parade ... with cotton candy, rice krispy treats, and hot cocoa. The kid look forward to this every year.

We made some halloween crafts this year. Cats and bats. They turned out cute.

This morning I took the kids to Lagoon. We rode the rides one last time before they close for the season and we walked through the kids Halloween exhibits there. The kids think those are the best things ever. And I have to admit they are pretty cool! I am glad that we were able to make it there this year.

And of course we carved pumpkins. I was pretty proud of myself for gutting and carving 3 pumpkins all alone this year (Logan had to work). All the while taking pictures of the whole event. The kids chose what they wanted to carve on each of their pumpkins. And surprisingly Sophie actually gutted her pumpkin completely by herself. Shortly after that I was left to finish them up and the kids ran off to play. They turned out cute and the kids were really proud of their pumpkins.

I only wish that Logan would have been able to be here with us. We missed you babe!

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