Tuesday, September 14, 2010

two wheelers

Sophie and Collin learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels last night! Wahoo! I was almost certain that Sophie was going to go off to college without ever learning how to ride her bike. But she proved me wrong. They had such a blast cruising around the church parking lot. I of course didn't bring the camera. But I did snap some shots today as they were riding. Collin can't seem to stay off of his bike. He loves it.

Sophie learned how to ride first. We actually took her training wheels off a couple of weeks ago so a friend could ride her bike and we never put them back on. We practiced a little bit then, but haven't touched it again since until last night. She picked right up on it this time.

When Collin saw that Sophie was riding her bike without training wheels there was no way he was going to left behind. He demanded his be taken off and away he went. We knew he was ready and have tried take his off several times before but he was always too nervous.

The kids were so proud of themselves. Collin kept shouting "Look at me! I'm riding a two wheeler!!" His first go at it I was running along side of him and he shouted at me"Mommy, you don't need me anymore!" Ha ha! He meant that he no longer needed me. And Sophie exclaimed "This is the BEST family home evening ever!!"

And of course I couldn't resist taking some shots of my little tricycle rider! She wants to be just like the big kids.


Ani Grey said...

Careful Jen, it is a slippery slope. First they will want their training wheels off, and before you know it they are asking to borrow the car.

Jess said...

So cute! They are growing too quickly! I had two hurdles this summer - teaching Ty to ride his bike with no training wheels and potty training Aubrey. We just completed both. They were both NOT FUN experiences! I'm glad they're over!