Wednesday, September 8, 2010

saying goodbye

Last week Ruby said goodbye to these ...

Being that she was almost two years old {YIKES! Is she really almost 2?} I decided that it was time. My older two kid were so done with bottles by a year, but not Ruby. She only has 2 {sometimes 3 a day} but she still made me feed them to her like she was a newborn ... laying down, rocking in the chair. Occasionally it was a pain. But most of the time it was wonderful. Wonderful to get to spend that special one on one time with just Ruby. She did so much better than I anticipated she would. Just a a few tears for the first several times I gave her a sippy instead of a bottle. I was worried that this would take milk out of her diet, but so far so good! Next up ... the binky! But I am not ready for that yet. I'll use that to help me feel like she is still my little baby!

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