Thursday, September 23, 2010

at the fair

We went to the State Fair last week. It was fun.

We did and saw and ate all that we could before our time was up and it was bed time for the kids. We did miss out on a few things {like the butter sculpture and the yummy looking funnel cakes} ... but we did see all of the animals {my favorite part}, ride a few ride, and we did buy the $2 Chinese fans that the kids saw upon arriving and then spent the next hour begging and pouting over. Oh and we participated in our favorite attraction at the fair. The children's farm. They love it ... so much fun!

The kids worked hard milking cows, picking apples ...

planting and harvesting their crops, collecting eggs, shearing sheep ...

and riding their tractors ...

in order to make some money and buy some goods {yummy treats!} at the store. And did I mention that these two are FFA members in the making?!?! Well they are.

We love the fair!

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