Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ward Campout

Last weekend we had our ward campout. It was kind of a last minute decision to go ... and we are glad we did. It was a lot of fun! Our kids aren't the biggest campers (we have only gone once before) but I think they had a good time ... for the most part. Sophie had her moments ... and Ruby spent a great deal of time in the car (the only place she felt truly comfortable).

As far as camping goes, ward campout are a great way to do it. You get to camp next to great friends, yummy desserts and breakfasts are provided for you, and there is a million things going on to keep the kids busy. Our first afternoon the kids (and Logan too) got involved in some water games ... battleship, balloon toss, and over/under with sponges! Too fun! There was also a treasure hunt that was a big hit as well.

For dinner that night we roasted some brats and hot dogs. Collin was a great assistant with the fire.

All the kids loved the tent. They especially loved the air mattress. It was all we could do to keep them from jumping on it. We must have asked them at least a million times ... but they still kept jumping on it. Kids will be kids, right?!?!

That night we has some yummy s'mores and bannana boats. Delicious! I love s'mores. The older kids played some Bingo and then it was time for bed.

After the kids were tucked in amidst their sleeping bags and blankets, Logan and I (along with some good friends) sat down and enjoyed the campfire. Before long it was time for us to go to sleep as well. I'll admit that sleeping wasn't the best. Probably better than last time, but still pretty bad. I was freezing and constantly worried about the kids. I guess I am not quite the same camper I once was. But we survived. It was funny how thrilled I was when the kids woke up that morning.

We enjoyed a great breakfast, packed up our stuff, and made some homemade ice cream before heading back home. It was a great campout. One we for sure will do again next year!

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