Friday, August 27, 2010

Sophie's Barbie Party

Sophie had a hard time deciding on a party theme this year. She was constantly changing it ... but ultimately decided on a Barbie party. It was cute and I think she liked it and had a lot of fun.

The invitation
{we also put on some sparkly jewels ... sophie wanted sparkle!!}

The party details

The birthday girl!
{each girl brought a barbie to play with ... this is the one that sophie wanted to bring ... so i let her open a present before her party! she was thrilled.}

The cute group of girls Sophie invited

We played "put the sunglasses on Barbie," had a pinata, and did Barbie makeovers complete with painted nails and sparkle blush for their cheeks.

Then we had cake ...

and each girl got to make their own ice cream sundae.

Then we opened presents and the girls all played with their Barbies. What a fun party ... to celebrate a fun girl. Happy Birthday Sophie.

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