Friday, August 6, 2010


the rainbow outside my house tonight

Took the kids for a walk tonight. It was so nice ... cool and breezy ... then the rain started. After the rain stopped the kids ran outside to play and found this beautiful rainbow. It was a complete arch ... right over my neighbors house.

I am loving the cooler weather we are having in the evening the past couple of nights.

I can't believe that it is August already. I am so NOT ready for the Summer to end. I have been doing some back to school shopping with the kids. It makes me sad. But I think that they are excited to go back. I just can't stand the thought of Sophie being gone all day. Yuck!

Sophie's birthday is coming up. It is all she can talk about. Or think about. I can't believe my first baby will be turning six. Sigh! I have been working on her invitations today ... every time she sees them she tells me they are beautiful.

The kids are in bed. Logan's at work. The house is quiet. I think I might just go have some ice cream!

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Logan said...

enjoy the ice cream. Love you!