Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Sophie

Dear Sophie,

Today you turn 6 years old. Six. {Although you have thought of yourself as already being six because we had your party last weekend!} I am not sure how you grew up so quickly ... the past six years have flown by. You fill our lives and our hearts with so much joy.

You have become quite the party planner over the past year. You don't see the need to have any special occasion to throw a party. You think that everyday is special ... why not party! This tends to stress your mommy out a bit, but Daddy always has it covered. He helps you plan and put on every party.

Right now you have an obsession with collections. Build-a-bear collections, Barbie collections, stuffed animal collections, and more. You are always looking for ways to build up your collections. Often times you make charts so you can earn things for your collections. And sometimes you are quite the schemer coming up with ways to get Daddy, Me, or Grandma to buy you things for your collections. And we can always be sure that you will have a special stuffed friend with you at all times ... right now it is you pillow pet that you got for your birthday. All of your collections have homes {that you made from boxes} that fill every corner of your room.

You are such a great big sister. You are still best friends with Collin. You guys do everything together. What a blessing it is that you have each other. You love Ruby too and keep a close eye on her, often telling me what she needs. Lately you have become a peace maker in our home and want everyone to be happy and satisfied. You are such a caring and sweet girl.

You keep us laughing all the time. You love to tell jokes {although they never make any sense!} Your favorite kind to tell are knock knock jokes. We spend many family dinners laughing at your jokes. We love to hear you laugh. You also say some things that make us smile every time you say them. Instead of "also" you say "alsly" and the latest is "It's not fair. It's not fair and square."

You love coloring, and crafting, the color pink, sparkly jewels, baby animals, and all things girly. While shopping with you yesterday you stopped at a jewelry store window and exclaimed "OoHhh Mommy ... look at that beautiful diamond!"

Sophie we love you soOooo much. I can't believe you are six. Sometimes I wish I could stop or push back time. But I can't ... so I'll continue watching you grow up before my very eyes loving every second that I get to share with you. You are one special, beautiful girl. We love you Sister Bear. Happy Birthday!


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