Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yesterday and today

Yesterday we had family pics. And Ruby cried through all of them. all. of. them. She was seriously so unhappy. Finally Logan called it quits. He knew it wasn't going to get any better ... just worse. I was hoping. Family pics are so stressful. I really wanted them to turn out. I thought she was just being a stinker ...
I was up all night long with her. Finally from 2:45 to 4:45 she slept without waking. At 6:30 we got up for the day. The screaming continued. Then she threw up. Poor girl.

She has been doing this all day ...

I left her on the couch for a few minutes and this is what I came back too. But really she has been sleeping all. day.

My dear Mother in law took the two older kids for the afternoon so I could rest. I love naps. It was nice. I am awake now and expecting them to be home soon. I miss them. With Ruby asleep and them gone the house is quiet. Almost too quiet. I feel like I should be getting something done, but I don't want to wake her. So I don't. Instead I am blogging! {grin}

Soon my Mom is coming to watch Ruby so we can go to a birthday party. I am looking forward to it. It is always fun to spend time with the oldest two without worrying about the baby. And I love watching them play and interacting with friends. What a blessing it is to live so close to family that is always so willing to help.

I will post our family pics {screaming baby and all} soon!

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