Friday, June 4, 2010

For Sophie

Yesterday you woke up sad and crying. Sad that Kindergarten was over. You didn't want it to end. You are going to miss your teacher, and your friends. Daddy showed you the calendar and all the fun things you will do this summer. I think he had you convinced that Summer might be fun too.

Your class had a graduation program.

You sang so sweetly. And it was fun to listen to you sing the songs that we have been talking about and singing together the past few weeks (one that I too sang with my Kindergarten class when I was a teacher). As you sang ... I too became emotional. And found myself fighting back tears. I can't believe that you have finished Kindergarten. That as of now you are a big first grader. A first grader who will go to school for a full day.

I can't believe how much you have grown this year. You are reading and writing. You have made so many new friends. And you have developed a love of school. I am so proud of you.

So on to first grade you go ... but first lets share a summer of fun together (and it will be fun ... swimming lessons, princess camps, sleeping over at Grandma's, trips to Lagoon, and so much more!).

I love you Sophie J.

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