Thursday, June 10, 2010

first day of summer vacation

I wish I could say that our first day of Summer vacation was all fun and games ... but it wasn't. It involved each child cleaning their room (or crying and whining about cleaning their room). And getting dressed. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, right? But when you are a super picky 5 year old, getting dressed can cause you a lot of stress! Imagine your mom won't let you wear your nicest church dress ... and you don't have enough pink (the right color of pink) in your closet on that particular day!

We did manage to have some fun for FHE that evening though. We surprised the kids with some mini golf. They LOVE it! Ruby loves to hold her ball and pick up your ball that you have hit and bring it back to you. It makes for a non productive game. But it doesn't really matter because Sophie and Collin cheat big time ... but they are so cute to watch. Neither of them will use the proper mini golf form no matter how many times I show them. But my favorite thing to watch is how they maneuver their balls through all the obstacles ... usually holding their ball (sometimes up in the air), pretending to tap it with their club, but really tossing it where it should go. They are quite the golfing characters and kept us laughing.

After mini golf we got some dinner including the yummiest pie. It was soOooo yummy ... and it is so close to my house. How will I keep myself from going there all of the time?

I love spending time with the family and look forward to many fun activities this summer.

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