Monday, June 7, 2010

18 months

At 18 months our little lady is not longer a baby, but a sweet and sassy little toddler. She is the silliest, little girl who brings so much joy into our lives.

She has started to talk more and more. Probably her favorite word to say is "NO" and she shouts it at everyone. A close second to that one is "cookie" and she uses this to her advantage every day. She has started making animal sounds and she can no longer look at a book without mooing or barking. My personal favorite is when she comes up to me and goes "Mama ... followed by a bunch of baby jibbberish!" She then waits patiently for you to answer back and then walks away. Although she is saying more words she still continues to sign and signs words that she cannot say (such as shoes).

She is still a good eater, although she as definitely become more picky and will often refuse to eat even her most favorite meal. She still drinks a bottle. Sigh. I just don't have the heart to take them away. Not only does she still take a bottle, but you have to hold her and feed it to her like she is still a little newborn. Part of me really likes this. But on especially busy days I just wish I could hand it to her and move on with things. Oh well. I will take the cuddling and rocking while I still can because I am sure those moments will be ending sooner rather than later. Along with her bottles, she still has her binky and her lovey and takes them with her just about everywhere.

She L.O.V.E.S. to be outside and races for the door anytime it is open. Sliding and swinging are her favorites, but she enjoys it all. Even just running around. She has to be under close supervision because she loves the street and goes out there and giggles away. When you come to get her she just runs ... right down the center of the road.

She has only 4 teeth and is currently getting a molar in right now. I guess her teeth decided not to take the predictable pattern that most babies teeth come it. Oh well, we'll take what we can get. I often wonder how she can eat with only her 4 front teeth but she manages!

She is a little mom and can usually be found with her baby and stroller. She loves and cuddles the baby and then SHOVES it as hard as she can into the stroller. And screams if it won't go in just as it should. She pushed her little stroller around constantly bumping into doors and walls. When she isn't playing with her baby she is following her brother and sister around. She wants to be where ever they are at. Collin likes to chase her around the house and they both just laugh and laugh.

I love my little sweet and sassy lady. She makes life so much fun!

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Jess said...

What a cute picture! It was fun reading your post about her. She is growing up so quickly!
Thanks again for letting me tag along with you last Saturday. I learned a lot and now have even more questions!
Let's get together again sometime soon.