Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sophie ... the party planner

Sophie loves parties! She has been planning her birthday since the day after her last birthday (in August) ... and she has managed to change the theme for it more times than I can count. Occasionally when she feels like her birthday is too far away, she decides it is time to have a party NOW! She makes invitations, plans it all out in her head, creates the guest list, and then tells us about it. Logan is great about putting her plans into action. You may remember the tea party she had several months ago.

Last week she decided to have an Eric Carle party. She invited a small group of girls and they had a great time together.

They read some Eric Carle stories .....

and then created some pictures Eric Carle style.

It was a fun little get together. I love watching Sophie in her element. I am so grateful for the friendships that Sophie has and for her ability to persuade us into throwing her little parties just because ... life is better with parties!

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