Friday, May 21, 2010

Soccer Star

Spring soccer has ended ... and it was a great season. It was so fun to watch Sophie play every Saturday. It was a completely different experience from the fall. I wasn't sure if she would even want to play this Spring, but when I asked her about it she said "Yes. I need to play because I am going to be a coach when I get bigger!" And so we went ... and it wasn't emotional at all for her. No tears. Only smiles and good times.

Soccer Star!

Her favorite part of every game was the treat afterward! She is definitely her mama's girl! She would usually start asking her coach when treat time was shortly before half time. Silly girl.

Sophie decided that she wanted to play goalie ... the only problem was that at her age level they don't have goalies. But whenever she would get tired of running or fighting the huddle of girls that surrounded the ball, she would go back and take her position as goalie ... and if by chance she did stop the other team from scoring, she was always sOOooo proud.

Good season Green Grasshoppers! Now what are we going to do every Saturday?!?

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Jess said...

It's fun watching the kids play soccer and tball but it is so time consuming! I will be honest, I'm always glad when it's over. She looks so grown up in those pics.