Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rocket Faster!

Spring is here ... Lagoon aka Rocket Faster is officially open. As yearly season pass holders my kids anxiously await the opening of Lagoon all winter. We are all excited when we get to go for the first time of the season. We packed a lunch and headed out for an afternoon of fun. And it did not disappoint!

We thought that Ruby wasn't quite old enough for her own season pass ... but boy were we wrong! She blew through $20 in tickets in one short afternoon. She loved it! Here she is on her first ride. I couldn't tell if she liked it or not, but when I asked her if she had fun she signed/said more and was eager for the next one. We may just have to get her a pass too!

I felt so weird putting my "baby" on these rides. How can she be this big? I totally remember feeling this way with Sophie and Collin too.

Speaking of Sophie ... she is getting so big! She loves the kiddie rides but is so brave and wants to ride the big rides too. She is tall enough this year to ride all the rides and rode Wicked with Logan not once but twice. Ummm ... I haven't even rode it yet ... and I don't think I want to. And I took her on the white roller coaster. It was a blast. I just can't keep from laughing watching her enjoy these rides.

While Sophie was busy being all grown up ... Collin, Ruby, and I hit some more kiddie rides.

It is so nice that Collin is such a sweet big brother to let Ruby ride with him. Sophie has never let Collin ride with her. I guess she likes her space!

Everyone rode the merry go round. It is always a hit!

When Ruby wasn't riding rides she sat so contentedly in her stroller ... for the most part. But when we let her out she would just walk around like she owned the place. She definitely is a girl with her own agenda!

It was a great day at lagoon ... we can't wait to go again!

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