Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Time ....

for Ruby to have a room!

Ever since Ruby was born she has been sleeping in our loft upstairs (which is essentially a family room). She started out there as a newborn because I can't sleep with my babies in my room ( I worry about every noise they make and don't get any sleep) ... and at 16 months she is still there because big sis won't share her room! She throws a huge fit at the thought of having Ruby sleeping in the same room. We even had Sophie and Collin try sharing a room but that just led to late night playings and two grumpy kids in the morning. And after several days they each just wanted their own rooms back. Sigh.

Having Ruby in the loft really hasn't been bad. Just recently though, it has become more of a problem. Occasionally Ruby needs to go to bed before the older two and it is hard to put them down without waking her up. And on occasion Logan has to get up really early for work and therefore Ruby wants to wake up that early too because he is walking through her room to go downstairs. And when she sees a light on downstairs all hope of her sleeping longer is lost.

Anyways ... Ruby is getting her own room. We are putting up a wall in loft making it a bedroom. I am so excited about it. I am even going to venture into painting it a color. Something my house doesn't have much of!

umm ... and oh yeah! I just might splurge and order some of these to go in it! They would look so cute hanging above her crib.

Aren't those the cutest poms ever?!?!

3 comments: said...

Is Logan Phipps Construction building that wall? Better be.

Fun times at the McF home said...

Your nosy neighbor was wondering what was going on over there. And don't buy those poms...I know how to make them! Call me!
PS...I was dialing your number and saw you backing out of your driveway. Aiden wants to play with Mr. Collin!

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Your pictures are amazing. I've kind of given up.

Hey I wanted to tell you I made some of those pom poms to go in the babies room, and they are so cheap and easy. Hobby Lobby has tons of tissue in all sorts of colors. Just google "how to make a paper tissue pom pom" I think I found mine on martha stewart.