Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ruby is fifteen months. Well technically almost sixteen ... this post is long overdue. But she was sick. And I wanted to get some pics of my healthy, sweet little girl for this post, so I waited. But guess what folks? She had other plans ... and pictures were not a part of them!

"Hey, I said NO pictures!"
Okay Rubes ... but maybe just a few when you aren't looking!

Anyway, she is growing like a weed and is the cutest little lady you have ever seen. So here are some facts about Miss Ruby Jane at fifteen months:

she weighs 19 lbs 13 oz
she now has 3 teeth
her signature move is her head shake "no"
she still doesn't talk much ...
but can say hot, night night, mama, dada, bye
she LOVES to be outside
she spends most of her day pacing around
her favorite food is strawberries
she still likes the dishwasher
she takes things out of any cupboard she can get open
this girl loves to snack and shrieks for food whenever the cupboard gets opened
she growls when she sees a dinosaur and barks when she sees a dog
she LOVES books and can often be found carrying one around
she is still a good sleeper ... still an early riser ... and is transitioning to only 1 nap per day
she LOVES music
she likes to watch TV ... especially Barney
she still drinks a bottle
she loves her binky and lovey
she has given up on signing everything except for more and water
she is a feisty little lady and doesn't get along well with anyone her size
she can point to her nose, eyes, and mouth
she loves to brush her teeth
she has the cutest smile and I can't get enough of her!


Anna said...

She is adorable!

Tiff said...

she is so cute! I'm glad she is feeling better she is growing up too fast!!