Sunday, February 21, 2010


We have been battling sickness this week here at our house. Poor Collin has croup and nearly lost his voice. He has been talking so sweetly and quietly. I think he is almost over it. Which is good. However, Ruby got sick yesterday with something else (I'll spare the details) ... and I haven't been feeling 100% either. It has been a long week. Full of napping, crying, and whining. I can't blame them.

So today while Sophie and Logan went to church the "sickies" stayed home. We napped, and fed ourselves goldfish. It was nice.

Ruby loves sitting on the couch ... until she decided she wants the camera.

"Hey mom, give me that. I want that"

I even had Collin try to persuade her with the goldfish to sit back down (so I could take more pics), but she was not having it. She wanted that camera.

I hope this week is better. I hope Sophie escapes the "yuck" in the air and remains healthy. I hate when my kids are sick.

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Fun times at the McF home said...

Sick kids aren't fun! I'm hoping we are out of the woods...but you never know! When you are feeling better, we need to get our boys together to play. Aiden loves trains right now! I will call you!