Saturday, February 6, 2010

Painting Popcorn!

Paint Popcorn? Yup, that is what we did ... for our craft and snack the other day. I saw the idea here and I couldn't resist giving it a try. And it was a hit! The kids loved it and sat contentedly painting their popcorn for over an hour.

It was super easy ... I already had everything I needed.

milk, food coloring, and popcorn of course! That was it ... oh and paintbrushes!

Our palette ...

some of our painted popcorn ...

Of course, we had to eat some popcorn while we painted ... working hard makes you hungry!

Do you think she is having a good time?

Collin couldn't resist the colored milk ... and I couldn't resist the colored milk mustache! He is still asking for colored milk.

Lots of fun!! I will admit though that painting the popcorn with the colored milk did make it soggy. The kids didn't seem to mind though! Originally it was done with sweet evaporated milk (I didn't have any of that ... so plain old regular milk it was for us!) ... but I wonder if that would have made the popcorn less soggy. I tend to think it wouldn't matter, but I am sure it would give it a sweet little twist! Anyway ... a good time for sure.

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Matt and Cindy Miller said...

I love this idea, that is so cute!