Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here at the Phipps house we all have a little bit of Spring fever. Luckily though we have had some beautiful weather and the kids have been able to get out of the house some ... riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, and the park. It has been so nice. But in between outings, we still feel cooped up inside the house. And a little bored. Yesterday I was so tired. Logan was nice enough to let me take a nap. It was wonderful. But that is off subject ... so anyway when I woke up, Logan and the kids were building this fort.

It was big ... and perfect for taking away some of the winter boredom.

It sort of resembled a circus tent. And the kids loved that about it.

The kids immediately got out their sleeping bags to make it nice and cozy ... and they may have begged to sleep inside their fort that night more than once.

Forts are good for being silly and just relaxing. Do kids really relax? I'm not sure. But a fort is good for that sort of thing.

Forts are a good place to share a sweet little treat. A Valentine treat. In this picture they are reading what each of their valentine hearts says. I wish I could remember just what they were saying ... but I can't. It was cute though.

Overall forts are a GREAT time ... that is until your baby sister decides she wants in on the action too.
Notice Sophie trying to block Ruby out with her legs!

Forts are not nearly as fun when you are forced to let your baby sister inside ... at least to Sophie they aren't! She was in complete panic mode. But to baby sister ... forts are pretty great!

The fort didn't last too much longer due to the fact that Sophie was about to have a melt down ... but it was fun while it lasted. A good break to a long winter afternoon!

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