Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Capture - Color

Color. It makes me happy. Especially this time of year when everything is so grey. Everything. Although we did have some blue in our skies today ... so wonderful! Winter is long. I am so ready for Spring. But until then, I will have to imagine ... and soak up all the color I can find, wherever I can find it!

My lemon tree had 2 bright yellow lemons on it this week. I say had because shortly after I took this picture the kids picked them to make lemonade. Sour lemonade. Both made me smile. The lemons and the kids making the lemonade.

On my counter this week I have these bright orange flowers. From my sweet hubby. He is always so thoughtful and regularly brings gifts home for everyone. Thanks babe.

And thats the color in my life this week unless you count the colorful crayon marks that are all over my walls and floors from my baby ... but I like to pretend they aren't there. Carrying around a crayon just makes her so stinkin' happy. {Sigh!}



Tiff said...

Color is a very sparce this time of year. Those pictures cheered me up. Your blog always looks so cute.

Lena said...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Saves my sanity when my little man decided to take his art vertical.
Great pictures, I especially love the shot of the lemons.

Colleen said...

Great photos! The lemon shot is artwork worthy of framing!

WackyMummy said...

Both photos are so beautiful. The lemons are so whimsical!

Jess said...

Awesome as always!! I need to take some classes from you! Great pics.