Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tea Party

Last week Sophie brought home the book Fancy Nancy Tea Parties. She loves Fancy Nancy and immediately began asking if she could have a tea party. Being the mother that I am, I told her "Of course ... for your birthday!" But Logan, being the father that he is, told her "what a good idea!" {Okay, I confess I don't really know what he told her but it didn't involve waiting 8 months for a tea party.} The next thing I know he is planning her tea party. He invited 5 little friends, borrowed a cute as can be tea set from his grandma, arranged party games, and food. What a great dad!

The girls made their own tea {strawberry milk} and feasted on raspberry swirls, oreo cookies, and sugar cookies.

Sophie of course dressed up as Ariel ...

She made little place tags with each guests name on them, and set the table all by herself.

After they had their tea, they played "Follow the Hostess" {follow the leader}, and "I am going to Paris and I'm packing ..." {a memory game}.

The party was a hit! Good thing Sophie has a more ambitious father than she does a mother! Thanks babe for throwing a great tea party. I know it is something Sophie will always remember.

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