Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My little baby is growing much too fast.
It seems that everyday she develops a new skill.
I love it ... watching her grow.
I hate it ... seeing my baby leave me. Oh I know she isn't really leaving me, but she is. She is no longer that tiny newborn I once held in my arms. And soon she won't be the sweet and spunky toddler that she is becoming ...

Although most of her counterparts are walking, Ruby hasn't quite mastered that skill, but she loves to stand and is getting more brave every day by letting go and even trying to take a step or two. She is so close, but she just doesn't have the balance. For Christmas Santa brought her a stroller walker and she loves it. She loves to love the baby by patting it on it's back saying "ooohhh!" and she loves to push it around. She smiles from ear to ear as she does this. It is fun to watch.

She doesn't talk yet ... unless you count "ugh, ugh, ugh" while pointing at anything and everything she sees. I take that back. She does say "bye" and "Ma" but other than that it is "ugh". But she is a genius and has begun to sign. I would casually sign to her when she was in her high chair and then one day she just caught on. It's cute and I like that she can express herself a little. One of my favorites (although not a true sign) is when she shakes her head "no." Last night she had the whole family in hysterics. I would asked her "should we go get in your pajamas?" and she would vigorously shake her head "no!" It was too funny and we did it over and over again.

Her latest accomplishment is stairs. Much to my dismay. Up until now she has had no interest in the stairs. None. Logan and I went out one night and when we got back Grandma had taught her how to climb the stairs ... going down took longer. But she has mastered both. And along with stairs she is climbing anything that she can lift her little legs upon.

And eating. This girl is a pig! Meant in the nicest way, I promise. But she can out eat not only Collin but sometimes Sophie as well. She only has 2 teeth but that doesn't stop her. She loves food.

We love her pieces. And why she is working hard at learning and growing, I am working hard to find a way to freeze time. She is more successful than I am. Sigh!

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Tiff said...

She is so dang cute. If you figure out how to stop time please tell me how.