Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Seven great years. Jenn puts up with a lot from me and I'm so grateful that I've got her as my own. She is the love of my life. She makes every good thing better because I have her to share it with.

Here are a few of my favorite memories;

When I went to Europe with my sisters for six weeks Jenn came over to my parents house and walked my dog Luke nearly every day for me.
When we first started dating (if you can call it that, I think we only went on a few official dates) Jenn would write down a few conversation starters in case our phone conversations would get a little dull.
Before we were married we went to see monster trucks. Jenn and I spent the day making our own custom monster truck tee shirts so we could really get into the action. Jenn's shirt had a picture of "Miss-Behavin." I think that night Jenn was the biggest fan in the arena.
Jenn loves the beach. But not in the way that most women love the beach. She hates laying out on the sand, she gets bored. Jenn loves to swim and make castles. We've spent many hot summer days at Antelope Island skipping rocks and playing around.
Jenn loves to make up new phases for things. A couple of my favorites are; shurk face: any facial expression that makes Jenn suspicious, maniac bop: an aggressive tickle to a uncommonly tickled region.

Something else I like about Jenn is that I can't keep any secrets from her. After our 13 years as a couple she can always tell what I'm thinking no matter how hard I try to hide it. Often we find ourselves at gatherings of people having conversations with only the slightest body language.

It is wonderful to have you as my eternal companion Jenn.
Love You.

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Jenn said...

Thanks babe! You made me laugh and cry ... I LOVE you. Wish we were together today. Thanks for seven wonderful years!