Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Cold is an understatement. It is FREEZING! So so FREEZING. We woke up nearly every morning this week with new snow. New snow to shovel. New snow to drive in. And new snow to play in. My kids love to play in the snow. And I ... well I am not a fan of anything cold so I usually like to stay inside snuggled up with a blanket on top of the heat register. But at least once a year I like to go out with the kids and build a snow man with them. So one sunny afternoon this week I bundled up the kids in all their gear and we headed out to brave the FREEZING.

And well ... the snow was pure powder ... so no snow men for us. But it was great for snow angels. Many, many snow angels.

And when one gets tired from making snow angels one needs to treat themself to a light snack.

Seriously, my kids are constantly eating snow. Any time we go outside they eat the snow. It is like their new favorite food. Only it probably can't be counted as a food.

Too bad though ... then I could claim that my kids are good eaters.

Don't you wish that the snow was as wonderful to you as it is to a child? Look at that smile. She's loving it!

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