Friday, November 13, 2009

We got VAXED

We got vaxed for the H1N1 flu virus ... or at least the kids did. And boy am I ever glad that experience is over. On October 17th the kids and I went to one of Davis County's first flu clinics for the H1N1 virus. We waited in line along with 5,000 other people for 3 hours. It was awful! Then after receiving the shot I was told to come back in 3 weeks for a second dose. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The thought of having to do this all over again made me want to cry.

We went home and I tried to forget the miserable experience. But I couldn't really. It was looming over me. I would listen to the new about the H1N1 clinics taking place and how people were camping out over night to get a good place in line. And the weather was changing. There were many days were people were waiting in line in the snow. I couldn't even imagine it. There was no way I was going to wait in line over night or make my kids stand outside in a giant line freezing to death. Ya right.

Well my three weeks went by and I decided that it was time I figured out how I was going to get this second dose for my kids. I looked up the flu clinics online only to find that they had changed their system. You now had to wait in a line for a ticket with an appointment date and time on it for the vaccine. Luckily one adult could pick up all the tickets for everyone in the family. So I sent Logan to get our tickets. He waited in a long line but was able to get us a ticket. Later that night I heard on the news that they had 6,000 tickets and all of them were gone in under an hour. I felt so lucky to have gotten one.

So yesterday we set out on our adventure to get our second dose. We waited in line for 15 minutes and were done! Yeah! I am so glad that the kids got the vaccine and that I no longer need to worry about it any more.

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