Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leaf Vacation

This time of year is soOOoo pretty. The kids have been so good at pointing out all of the different colors of leaves that they see helping me to truly take it all in this year.

Over Conference weekend we went up to Snowbasin to get a better, more up close look at the beautiful fall leaves. We called it an adventure (trying to detract from any hiking or walking that might take place - the kids were not in favor of any of that). We packed a lunch and a baggy to put our colored leaves in that we found. Lunch was cold but the kids enjoyed themselves. I think they probably ate more SNOW than food and they were loving it. Then we set out looking for leaves. The kids had fun looking for all different colored ones to add to their bag, but they were a little hesitant to set foot off of the beaten path. But by the end we had 2 kids with full bags and a bunch of branches to make us a bouquet of fall leaves to sit on the table at home. We had a lot of fun on our adventure . . . or our leaf vacation as Collin calls it!

there isn't a group of pictures taken without the "stick out our tongue shot." they love it!

getting a good leaf

collin checking out his leaves

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