Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ruby Jane is growing. Like a weed. I know I always say this but well, she is.

Nine months old and performing new tricks. Tricks that are so fun to watch. She is crawling. Yup, crawling. She started two weeks ago. It has evolved from an adorable little butt hop to a full on crawl. She is getting good. And fast. Well not really, but a lot faster than she was. And it makes her soOoo happy. Grandpa describes it as "just getting her drivers license!" I would agree.

And cheerios. She is eating cheerios. She is starting to eat table food. She has been a gager and a choker, but I think she is getting the hang of it. And loves it. I am excited about this one. Excited that soon I may not feel the need to dress myself in a full body suite when I feed her in order to avoid the spray of baby food that comes out of her mouth every time I feed her. Ya, that will be nice.

Ruby had her 9 month doctor visit. Not her favorite visit so far. Let's just say there were tears. A lot of tears, topped off with a prescription for amoxicillin. Poor girl had a double ear infection and I had no clue. That is how good she is.

We love you Ruby. You are getting soOoo big.

A while ago my sister told me that I needed to put myself and Logan into my pictures more because my kids won't want only pictures of themselves with invisible parents. They will want to know what their parents were doing and how they looked back in the day. I listened to her advise, but didn't really heed it. Then today I read a post about just what my sister had mentioned to me. It really got me thinking. I thought about how I wanted my children to remember the things we did together and I decided that I would take that challenge upon me and try to put myself into my pictures more. And I learned that there are some fun ways to go about it - more that just handing your camera to someone else, although that is good too. So here is my first attempt at putting myself into my pictures. I like it. It's fun!

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Logan said...

Great post babe. excellent picture. I miss you and can't wait to see you.